Nispero trees & Almond trees

Nispero trees

Upon driving towards the neighboring town of Callosa d'en Sarria for the first time, most will wonder about the many white covers that are to be seen almost everywhere.  These plantations are where the nispero is cultivated, a typical fruit from the area around Altea La Vella and Callosa d'en Sarria. 

The nispero season is fairly short, between May and July, but also during the rest of the year, this delicious fruit is available. On the markets as well as in the local shops and supermarkets, there is a wide range of canned nisperos and derived products such as nispero liqueur, honey, and jam. 

Just as it is the case with carrots, the nispero is a source of carotenoids, perfect for topping up the tan of the skin. Nisperos also contains a lot of potassium, and are therefore recommended to athletes or people with muscle problems. Furthermore, the nispero contains fibers that operate as probiotics, very beneficial for the intestinal flora. Fresh nisperos are especially delicious, with an exotic sweet taste and a hint of sour. The fact that they are nothing but healthy, is, of course, an added bonus. 

Almond trees

Visiting Altea in January and February is highly recommended. The sight of the blossoming almond trees is a true spectacle every year. While northern Europe often still has to deal with rain, cold and even snow, spring is in the air in Altea. The entire Costa Blanca colours abundantly white and pink.  

The reason for the name Costa Blanca, or 'White Coast ' often provides quite a bit of discussion. There are those who claim it is because of the whitewashed houses, while others are convinced that the many white sandy beaches have given their name to the Costa Blanca. Others insist that it is the color of the beautiful white almond blossoms making it the Costa Blanca. 

Without any doubt, this time of year is perfect for enjoying one of the many hiking tours throughout the area.  What is important for a successful blossom excursion, is the knowledge that there may be a month difference in the flowering period on the coast and inland. The exact start of the blossoming depends on the temperature. A little more inland and on the northern slopes of the mountains, the flowering often starts later. It may well be that the almond flowers close to the coast are already blossoming and sometimes even fading, while trees above 600 meters height are still wearing mere buds.

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