Education in Spain

In Spain, schooling is compulsory between the age of six and sixteen. Although education isn’t compulsory before the age of six, most children from 3 years old go to preschool or the so-called 'Educacion Infantil'. Distance learning during compulsory school time does not exist in Spain and is therefore not recognized. There are three different educational systems in Spain; public education, subsidized education, and private education.

Educational institutions of the subsidized network are private centers that have an agreement with the Spanish Ministry of Education. The curriculum, the school calendar, and the daily organization comply with the standards of the Ministry. In Spain, education is free of charge in both public educational institutions and subsidized school institutions. When children are still young and flexible enough to learn the language, they can perfectly feel at home here.

There are also numerous private schools or so-called 'Escuelas Privadas'. These are often bilingual, foreign or international schools. Because these schools don’t receive subsidies, the school costs are elevated, with a hefty registration fee as well as high monthly costs. These schools often follow a different curriculum, as per the country of origin, and with the focus on a second or multiple languages, besides Spanish.  However, these institutions are subject to Spanish legislation and inspections and the diplomas are often (but not always!) recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education. It is therefore recommended asking in advance about the recognition of the diploma, both inside and outside Spain.

In and around Altea, there is a large offer of international private schools: 

Callosa d’en Sarrià
Centro Privado de Enseñanza Almedia
Partida Colomina, s/n, E03510 Callosa d’en Sarrià
+34 965 88 11 41

Colegio Internacional Lope de Vega
Avda. Doctor Severo Ochoa, 9, E-03503 Benidorm
+34 965 85 41 50

Costa Blanca International College
Avenida del Albir, 16, E-03503 Benidorm
+34 966 80 34 11

Den Norske Skole Costa Blanca
Riu Guadiana, 14 / Urb. El Oasis, E-03580 Alfàs del Pi
+34 965 88 77 67

Sierra Bernia School
Sant Rafel, 8, E-03580 Alfàs del Pi
+34 966 87 51 49
AIS - Altéa International School

Partida Captivador
18, E-03530 La Nucía
+34 625 29 56 34

Elian’s British School
Av. El Copet, 5, E-03530 La Nucía
+34 966 87 70 55

LAUDE The Lady Elizabeth Junior School
Entrada Norte de la Cumbre del Sol, E-03726 Benitachell
+34 965 790 252

LAUDE The Lady Elizabeth Senior School
Carretera Benissa-Jalón, s/n, E-03729 Llíber
+34 965 790 252

Lycée Français Alicante
Camino de Marco, 21, E-03560 El Campello (Alicante, España)
+34 965 26 25 08

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